We really needed a new couch. After checking out a bunch of stores we thought we'd have to either spend a ton of cash AND wait weeks for delivery, or settle for another piece of Ikea junk. But, we were super stoked to find several options at Zozi’s that were cheaper and better quality than Ikea, with several upholstery options. The owner was super helpful, and the chaise on the sectional can be moved to either side of the couch, which will be nice when we move. On top of the great selection, prices, and customer service, our couch was delivered in less than a week!



Went in to get a leather couch, realized that it was going to be just as gorgeous and thousands of dollars less if we went with fabric. We were able to select the style we wanted (chesterfield), the exact length, and the fabric -- tons to choose from. Loren was the perfect mix of attentive, knowledgeable and friendly! He let us take our time and did not pressure us.

We looked at some faux leather and fabric selections, then came back in a couple weeks to make our selection -- we wanted to think about what color we wanted.

Maybe 5 weeks later we got a call letting us know that we could get it delivered the next day for only $90. Such an easy process and we LOVE OUR COUCH! If we ever move out of our tiny SF studio, we'll definitely be back to add to our apartment!



I got a great, custom made couch that was relatively inexpensive compared to other brand name places. It did take longer to arrive than originally expected (was told 4-5 weeks but it was more like 6-7 weeks) however I don't think that was their fault. They had around 200 fabric options for the couch that I chose, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! It looks modern and is very comfortable. I would gladly get something from Zozi's in the future.



This places has to be one of the best kept secrets in San Francisco. After moving into a larger place I needed to get a new sofa, but after putting all my extra $ down on a down deposit and movers I was not prepared to pay $1,800 for a new sofa. I was almost to the point of resorting to Ikea when I came across Zozi's.  I found an amazing and great quality sofa at Ikea prices, and on top of all that it was on sale! 

Within three days I had an incredible new sofa and I didnt have to break the bank!  Thank you Zozi's!



Richard is amazing and provides the best possible customer service ever. I bought a sofa from this place over 4 years ago, and recently had an accident and needed to replace all of the couch cushions.  I called Richard to see if it was possible to replace them, and w/in 3 months I had brand new replacements that matched the color, fabric, and dimensions exactly. I am kind of shocked because i don't know of any other retail establishment, manufacturer, or furniture store that would be able to do this given that the style of couch i had was almost 5 years old and was likely not even in production anymore. I figured i'd have to go to a specialty upholstery place (which would have easily costed me $800) but Richard contacted the original manufacture and was able to produce them for only $350. Totally awesome!!! So grateful and happy with ZOZI'S !!!



It's rare that I'm surprised by a store's quality, affordability, and service all at once.  Zozi's has a very cool selection of furniture; don't be fooled by the size of the place.  Tell Richard what you're looking for and he'll guide you through what's available.  Once I found couches I liked, the ordering was easy.  Richard was very flexible in moving things around to accommodate my schedule for the delivery.  The delivery guy he uses was professional, courteous, punctual, and reasonably priced. 

If I ever head to Ikea instead of Zozi's, please shoot me.